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Next Live Webinar, September 7, 2022, 12:00 PM Central Time

Next Tech Warrior Webinar
How to Audit a Calendar for Your Exec

The most successful leaders in the world are incredible at prioritization. That is why more and more we hear leaders asking their Admins for support in understanding the fundamental question: where am I spending my time?

Past Recorded Webinars

Microsoft Publisher 101

This 60 minute webinar will provide an overview of Microsoft Publisher, the desktop publishing software. Publisher allows you to create professional documents like newsletters, flyers, brochures, business cards and more. There are many templates available to streamline your document production. Come and learn how to get around in this fabulous software.

Cloud Computing

This 60 minute webinar will provide an overview of Cloud Computing. You've probably heard the term, but you might not really be sure of what it includes. Learn more about this ever-increasing technology that is starting to impact every area of business and home!

Setting Up Virtual Meetings

This 60 minute webinar will provide an overview of Setting Up Virtual Meetings. Learn more about the process of setting up virtual meetings (whether point to point such as videoconferencing or online through websites). We'll also discuss how to troubleshoot the common issues you may encounter.

Preventing Service Desk Tickets

This 60 minute webinar will help you prevent service desk tickets. Learn about some of the most common reasons people make service desk tickets that they actually could solve themselves with a little know how. We'll also discuss how to troubleshoot some of the common issues you may encounter.

Power Searching The Internet

We use the internet every single day - on the job and at home. But how many of us are self taught and never really had time to explore how to fine tune our searches? This webinar will focus on the many ways you can refine your search phrasing to get more precise results faster.

Exploring Windows File Explorer

The Windows file management tool has so much functionality built into it, but you may have never had the opportunity to discover all the resources built into Windows Explorer. Now is your chance. Join me for this one hour webinar to Explore Windows 10 File Explorer.

Automation and Impact on the Administrative Profession

Automation has had a huge impact on almost every area of society, but it's just getting started. This 60-minute webinar will demonstrate how current and coming software will automate much of our jobs. Join me and begin strategizing how you will prepare for a brand new future.

Infographics 101

So what the heck are infographics? How do you make them and why should you care? Well, they are a fantastic way of conveying information visually and they are EVERYWHERE! Knowing how to create them could help you expand your job responsibilities. So join me for this informative webinar to learn more!

Troubleshooting Videoconferencing

It's getting more and more common to hold videoconferencing to reduce travel costs. Whether your company is using GoToMeeting or Webex or Skype or something other platform, there are some common issues that you may encounter that you might be able to fix yourself without involving IT.

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