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Microsoft PowerPoint and Outlook Study Groups
June/August  2016

PowerPoint and Outlook Study Groups

PowerPoint and Outlook are LOADED with powerful features that would make your life far easier if you only knew about them. Sign up for these study groups and check an outstanding education and professional development option off your performance review checklist this year.

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Adv Tech Webinar - PowerSearching the Internet - May 25, 2016

PowerSearching The Internet

We use the internet every single day - on the job and at home. But how many of us are self taught in our searches and never really had time to explore how to fine tune our searches? This webinar will focus on the many ways you can refine your searches to get more precise results faster.

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Lights, Camera, Action! Your Event is Live!
Apr. 30, 2016


Meeting planning is a critical skill for administrative professionals to master. For some of us, we plan so many meetings that we might be burnt out and struggling to think of how to make our events unique and exciting. For others, we may feel like we could be stronger with some of the nuts and bolts involved, like contract negotation. This virtual seminar will help everyone who is responsible for planning meetings.

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CAP-OM Certification Study Groups - Sept. 2016
Start in May

CAP and OM Study Groups

Registration is open on September 2016 15-week long Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) and Organizational Management (OM) web-based study groups. Sessions start in May and are recorded so anyone can participate!

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Looking for information on the Certified Administrative Professional, Organizational Management or Microsoft Office Specialist exams? Can't decide if you want to self study or join a group?

Click here to learn more and watch my free webinar on certification options for administrative professionals

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Hi! I'm Marie Herman CAP-OM, ACS. I'm a keynote speaker, trainer, and author who works with companies and individuals at their own pace and within their budget.

I provide private one on one tutoring in Microsoft Office, the Internet, Windows and more.

For those on a more limited budget, I also provide online certification study groups for Microsoft Office Specialist, the Certified Administrative Professional and the Organizational Management exams. In addition, I lead an Advanced Techniques series of webinars that focus in depth on various Microsoft Office subjects.

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