Web-based Certification Study Groups! MRH Enterprises is offering web-based Microsoft Office Specialist certification preparation programs. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.
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Ms. Herman, CEO of MRH Enterprises, is available for speaking engagements on a wide variety of technology, personal and professional development topics.
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Microsoft Office Private Tutoring Online!
Ms. Herman is now offering private individual tutoring in Microsoft Office via the internet. Enhance your knowledge of these powerful software programs from the comfort of your own home or office, no matter where you are located in the world.

MS Office Certification Study Groups
Ms. Herman offers web-based certification preparation classes for the Microsoft Office Specialist exams. The PowerPoint 2010/2013 study group will run June 1-22, 2015 on Monday nights. The Outlook 2010/2013 study group will run June 29-July 20, 2015.Learn more and register here.

CAP-OM Certification Study Groups
Registration is now open for the Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) and Organizational Management (OM) web-based certification study groups which begin in May 2015 for the August/September exams. Learn more and sign up here.

Upcoming Engagements
Advanced Techniques Webinar
May 20, 2015

Ms. Herman will offer her next Advanced Techniques Webinar on the topic of Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel on May 20, 2015 at 7:00 PM CT. This 90-minute webinar will include lots of tips and demonstrations on working with Macros. Learn more and sign up here.

Pasta Making
June 6, 2015

Ms. Herman will be presenting a morning of pasta making followed by lunch at the Resiliency Institute in Naperville, IL.Sign up here.

Capturing the Summer Harvest
August 15, 2015

Ms. Herman will be presenting a morning of discussion and demo on preserving the fruits and vegetables of summer at the Resiliency Institute in Naperville, IL. We'll discuss freezing, dehydrating, canning, and more.Sign up here.

Canning 101
September 12, 2015

Ms. Herman will be presenting a hands on canning class at the Resiliency Institute in Naperville, IL. We'll cover water bath and pressure canning, quality issues, safety and more.Sign up here.

Published Articles
Ms. Herman has had several articles published on a variety of topics from computer reference to career development. Most recently, she had an article published in the Oct. 2013 issue of the UK publication Personal Assistant on Maximizing the Value of a Seminar.
Services for Individuals
MRH Enterprises works with individuals at their own pace and within their budget.

We provide extensive assistance with computer purchases. We will work with you to identify your computer needs and wants. Once we've determined what your "dream machine" is, we'll help you develop your budget and find the ideal balance between the dream and reality. We'll assist you with the purchase process, set up your computer and install all software. We'll make sure you have the latest drivers and service packs for all software that you received. We'll also get rid of the annoying demonstration programs that some companies install and clean up unnecessary files that may be cluttering your computer.

Once your computer is up and running, we provide private one on one tutoring in Microsoft Office, the Internet, Windows and more. In addition you will learn how to set up an electronic file organization system and how to use your peripherals (scanners, CD-ROM burners, etc.).

Finally, we provide routine and preventive maintenance on a mutually agreed-upon schedule (generally monthly or quarterly). We'll backup your files, update all software drivers, anti-virus software, and service packs, defragment your hard drive and check your files for errors and lost clusters, as well as removing unnecessary files from your computer. Our preventive maintenance plan will ensure that your computer is as protected as possible and runs efficiently.

For those on a more limited budget, MRH Enterprises also provides a regular series of computer classes and is preparing to launch a series of webinars. If you'd like to learn more about computers, the internet, Windows or individual Microsoft Office© programs, consider signing up for a class.

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Services for Businesses
MRH Enterprises will perform a comprehensive review of your current documentation, organizational and corporate processes. We'll make recommendations for improving the efficiency of your procedures and help you to implement those changes. When necessary, we can convert your paper forms to electronic with full utilization of the built-in efficiencies of your software.

Staff training is critical for companies today. Encouraging your employees to maintain cutting edge computer skills can give your company an edge in the marketplace as well as an advantage in recruiting. Our computer and professional development training can be customized to meet your needs.

MRH Enterprises also provides word processing and desktop publishing services. We can assist you with creating and maintaining spreadsheets, databases, sales presentations, marketing materials and client correspondence.

Services for Associations
Ms. Herman has spoken at many association chapters on a variety of topics from technology to professional development. In addition, she conducts Strategic Planning Workshops that help your chapter or association map out a plan for the future for membership growth, fundraising and publicity. Let Ms. Herman help you to focus your chapter's energy!
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